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Pages: 1 2 Next. I just started reading up on RFIDs and how they work. I have a Mifare Classic 1K card and was wondering how I could crack it. Here are the details:. It would be great if someone could tell me what tools I need to purchase and what specific type of blank cards I would need to purchase. Well, you read all the data from the card. Now, what was your intention? Wait so you are saying the card I read is blank? That should not be the case because I use the card daily in many places.

Yes, I would like to clone the card so I can use it just like I use this card. What tools would I need and what specific type of blank card would be preferred for what I want to do. Buying a blank card and what kind. Well, that depends on how the cardsystem uses your current card. If the dump is correct, then the card is blank. There is no data on it besides the manufacturing block Sector 0, Block 0.

That hints that the card-system might only use the UID to map your accessrights in a database. What do you use the card with on a daily basis? Opening doors? Yes, I use this card to pay or open doors. It is used for various different things. So the sector 0 and block 0 is not important? Basically you are saying when I scan my card on a reader, the UID is searched on a database and if found, the transaction or action the reader is mean't to complete is completed?

If that is correct, what tools would I need to clone this data including the UID onto another card. And what type of blank card should I purchase based on my card config. Well, if it is like that then you will need a chinese magic card. But with the Chinese magic cards you cant. What I know from them, there a two different modells. Both modells are supported with the Proxmark3 software.

So if you have a PM3 then you need to buy a magic card and bob's yr uncle. Okay, so I will need to purchase the PM3 and the Chinese magic card. Asper has been porting PM3-software for android.

I have no idead about which phones who has a NFC that works. Some androids has the possiblity to sim a card. Latest chinese magic card should not need those special commands so you should be able to write them with an nfc phone not tested. PM3 for android proxdroid is a software to control proxmark3 via Android but you need to buy a proxmark3 to use it but it's not so easy to set it up. I don't know how to simulate a mifare in an nfc mobile phone, never tested that possibility and I don't know if it is actually possible.

My best option at this moment would be to purchase a second gen chinese magic card and attempt to write it with my Galaxy Nexus? If I did purchase proxmark3, wouldn't I also be able to control it via a linux or windows machine?Active topics Unanswered topics. Pages 1 2 3 Next.

You must login or register to post a reply. Topic RSS feed. Nice job! Note: if you don't have this file look in libnfc's development repository.

Of course, you need to correctly setup "configure. Very interesting. Do you think we need to take care of this problem Romuald? Hello, just to let everyone know, I've rewritten mfoc's code to be compatible with libnfc 1. Hello With debian, libnfc r I try to compile mfoc-new. Hello, by default, configure script checks for presence of nfc. You can try following things: - don't launch. Thanks for your reply I did. MFOC is utility to compute crack all keys A and B to all sectors, providing at least one of the keys is already known.

Use is pretty simple, plug the reader into USB port, place mifare classic card onto the reader and run following command:.

You can also use the -k key parameter, to add a key to the list of known keys, which is being tried against your card in the initial phase. I saw the use of mfoc when I did mfoc -h What I mean by documentation is how to get one key of a mifare card when I don't know it?

I have a mifare card whitch is use for making photocopy but don't know the key used, my question is what is the procedure to get it? But when I use the mifare card for photocopy, I get Using sector 00 as an exploit sector So, maybe the firmware version of your ACR; some versions are not compatible.

The same error: "tag has been removed" appears in my ACR I use mfoc-new. Hi I just tested the 0. Hi I put the src folder of the 0.Pages: 1 2 3 Next. These builds are compiled with the newest version of ProxSpace and are always up to date. Here I will post the latest compiled Windows versions from the official Proxmark repository and some forks.

If you want me to add a fork please tell me. After downloading and extracting a precompiled build you need to flash your Proxmark3 with the correct firmware. A new command prompt should appear and you should be able to send commands to your Proxmark3. If you ran into an error during the usage of a precompiled build please post following information:. The precompiled build used. What Windows version are you using? What build version? Is there any output to the console at all?

I also get an error "proxmark3. Due to school I was not able to look at it earlier. Unfortunately I'm not able to replicate this error, does it still exist with the latest build?

Does this error exist if you compile the iceman fork yourself or is this a bug in the iceman fork? I get the same crash with iceman's fork. Official one is working. I did flash the bootrom and fullimage. I tried three different versions in the google drive link above.

Any suggetions? Edit: It seems to be the client in windows. I tried a very old client and it worked. I want the newer client to work, any suggestions? No, i just downloaded from the link above without github and without compilingmaybe that's the problem I didn't hava to do it for the official though. Ok thanks bud! I'm downloading github now and will try to compile it myself.

In parallell i'm getting kali in vmware. I have no problem running the commands on my pc either. The precompiled iceman fork works perfectly on my side. I even test it on a freshly installed Windows system, I just installed the pm3 driver and it works. I can not replicate this error, so I need additional information to fix it.

Did you test it on another Windows PC aswell? Who is the author firmware Official? Whether it is possible to contact him through this forum? Since its opensource, you can make changes yourself to the sourcecode. You can suggest changes but no garantees someone else will make them for you. Either by posting a new thread or start a new issue on github.

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Please note MFOC is able to recover keys from target only if it have a known key: default one hardcoded in MFOC or custom one user provided using command line. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Mifare Classic Offline Cracker. C Roff Other. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit baf1 Jul 24, MFOC is an open source implementation of "offline nested" attack by Nethemba. Build from source autoreconf -is. You signed in with another tab or window.Since then, MIFARE continue to work on access services, and enables contactless transit, payment, and access experiences for everyone, independent of location and time.

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Cookies Settings.Also, the newest libnfc revision that the code will build with is SVN r94, since the libnfc API has been changed after that. Possible enhancement: After finding a key through the attack, try that key with the remaining unsolved sectors before performing the attack on them. And if you really want to go out of your way to make a convenient tool: Dump the sector contents after finding a key.

Pointing out that you have functions of respectivelyand lines.

21 Apr 2015, 19:20

If i'm understanding everything correctly. And this is a bit of a bigger if due to the first point. You use two methods to cut this number down. Using timing you try to predict the right nonce, and use a user definable tollerance to only test probable nonces.

In file included from qrapto1. Fixed in r Though i think getting more nonces might still be the right road to take. EDIT: I got the source running under windows but I have problems with coping the argument give key in case "k": How to copy the give parameter to a byte array? Didn't work! The result is now Then again he is known to pull of a little trick or two. I can't compile the source codes on windows, crapto and mfoc. I do not know how to work with linux, I have ubuntu but i dont have the command lines.

Can someone help me? Have you downloaded and extracted the latest ProxSpace? It has a whole posix environment and gcc compiler all set up for you to use under windows. Thank you! Best regards, Andy. I think I am ready to go test the Mifare Classic 1K attack crapto on a reader of the local transportation system, but it seems risky Reading this post Thank you again Just a question. Atom topic feed. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Last edited by sine BTW, mifaretag.

Re: Mifare Classic Offline Cracker i have a few comments as well, after an initial quick code review. If this fails you simply try again? Last edited by hat Re: Mifare Classic Offline Cracker adam algroup.

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